Thursday, June 26, 2014

33 Cent Decorative Display

Family Room wall with closet door w/ wreath that gets changed up a bit for each season,
33 cent display & old copper kettle used to store extra firewood in the winter.

After we finished making the pole bean teepees for the garden, we had some scrap wood pieces that I decided would make a cute little frame to fill an empty wall space in the family room.  We had made a similar display last Fall for my daughter's room.

 There's only a few things on here now, but I have a few stashes of thrift finds to 
sort through and will most likely print a few pictures to attach as well.

We already had all of the supplies needed for construction~ wood scraps from the teepee, chicken wire from the pigeon pen, black spray paint found when we moved in, stain from a flooring project.  The only thing I needed to purchase were the sawtooth hangers for the back. At $1.99 for a 6 pack and only needing to use 2, I only spent 33 cents on the project.

 An old Bingo card

Construction was very simple & rustic.  My husband cut the pieces to size and nailed it together at the corners.  I didn't want the corners mitered.  I didn't sand the wood.  I didn't care if it was perfectly square or not.  I just wanted it simple, simple, simple.

 Vintage keys

Once the pieces were nailed together, I stained the frame and let it dry for a day or so.  We cut chicken wire to fit and spray painted it black.  Once the wood stain dried, we stapled the chicken wire to the back with an electric stapler and attached the sawtooth hangers to the top corners on the back.  Easy!

 Another Vintage Bingo Card~ I used mini binder clips (also in my stash) to hang the doo-dads with 

I think it turned out cute and fills this narrow wall space perfectly.  I can display family pictures & change it up depending on the season or holiday.  

 The rustic corner construction

Mini American Flag~ stick was pushed through the wire

As I mentioned above, we had made a similar display for our daughter's bedroom last Fall.  Hers is rustic as well, but finished a little differently.  The wood scraps & chicken wire were from the pigeon pen construction and I did have to buy a can of spray paint. 

 Ocean themed decor

I decided I wanted the display to be the same width as the dresser.  Once I had the measurement, I had my husband miter the corners and nail the pieces together.  Then we cut & attached chicken wire to the back with the electric stapler.  After that, I spray painted the entire display board with 2 or 3 coats of paint.  I didn't sand the wood, but it could easily be done if you want a nice smooth surface.  Once it was dry, I attached the postcards and hung it over our daughter's dresser.

 We collected ocean themed post cards while living in Hawaii.  
The photos were taken in waters off the islands.

 A close-up of the mitered corner
I used mini wooden clothes pins to attach the post cards

Her ocean decor- The seashell shadow boxes & picture frames were simple projects I made in Hawaii

I'm always trying to find ways to use up scraps from big projects and use whatever supplies I have on hand in my craft stash.  It's a bonus when I can spend very little money (pennies!) on home decor and have something attractive & useful as the end result.

Now go check out the scrap piles & clutter that you may have and create something!  

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Garden Update for June 23rd

I'm a day late in posting this week's garden update.  I've been extremely busy, yet still behind in every project/chore that needs working on.  Beginning tonight we'll have house guests for the next 4 weeks.  We've been trying to complete projects on the house while keeping up with the yard.  Repeat~  "Trying"
However, I'm falling more & more behind each day.  So, I figured a day late with this garden update is better than nothing, right?  I have several more posts planned and I'll do my best to post here a few times each week, updating with the garden & other little goings on.

Here's what's happening in the garden this week............

June 23rd-  Garden Overview

 June 23rd- Acorn Squash

 June 23rd- Spaghetti Squash

 June 23rd- Yellow Squash

 June 23rd- Cucumber

June 23rd-  Several Baby Cucumbers

 June 23rd- The young kale & collards are growing nicely

 June 23rd- Peas~ Rabbits have found the peas.  I've draped bird netting over the bed, but it's not long enough to cover the ends.  Will need to find something rabbit proof to block the ends until we can rabbit proof the entire backyard (If that's even possible!)

June 23rd- Beans

 June 23rd- Cilantro is liking this location

 June 23rd- Melon Plant

June 23rd- The Tomato bed.  Bottom leaves were pruned a bit, but the plants still need staking/caging

 June 23rd- Peppers

 June 23rd- Lettuce heads are beginning to form

June 23rd- An Heirloom variety of Romaine, heads are slowly forming

 June 19th- Our first sunflower to bloom

 June 23rd- Pears

June 23rd- Pears

 June 23rd- Granny Smith Apples

 June 23rd- Gala Apples

 June 23rd- Primrose Apples

June 23rd- Primrose Apples

 June 23rd- Blueberries

 June 23rd- A busy little bee on the marigolds

 June 23rd- He visited each flower on several marigold plants while I tried taking pictures of him

June 23rd- Bee

 June 23rd- The day's harvest ~ From Top: Lettuce & Turnip Greens, Radishes, Mustard & Collards

 June 23rd- The day's harvest ~ From Top: More Turnip Greens, More Lettuce, Kale & Arugula

June 23rd- Zucchini & Cucumber

I probably picked these a little too early.  This was the first zucchini to be harvested.  The other 2 that were almost this size began to yellow & rot and I was worried this one would follow.  It was cut up and put it in our spaghetti sauce that night.

The cucumber was cut up and went into our salads, but was a little bitter.  It's a Parisian Pickling Cucumber so maybe they aren't meant for eating raw?

That's the garden update this week.  I made a lot of strawberry jam and baked strawberry bread & muffins. I'll be posting about all of that soon, but need to work on some house guest preparations.  Feel free to comment & tell me what's growing in your gardens and if you have any rabbit proofing tips, I'd appreciate hearing those!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Strawberry Picking

This past Saturday we picked a few strawberries at Picha Farms in Puyallup, WA.  The weather was perfect ~ sunny & a little breezy.

I had been wanting to drive down to their farm for a couple of weeks.  We had bought some Picha Farm strawberries at our local farm stand and they were delicious!

The weather was perfect and the plants were full of berries.

 Lots of pickers out there!

One of our flats.

 My husband & daughter

 My husband & I

Our haul for the day!  Lots of berries for jam making.

Hop over to my post about making Strawberry Shortcake {here}
I hope you can all enjoy fresh berries from your local farms if you don't have any growing in your garden. Check back this week for Strawberry Jam making!