Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Garden Update for June 9th

What's growing in the garden this week?

June 9th- Garden overview

June 9th- Spaghetti Squash

June 9th- Zucchini 

June 9th- Cucumber Blossom

June 9th- Peas

June 9th- Beans

June 9th- Newly planted Red Russian Kale

June 9th- Lettuce

June 9th- Tomato Blossoms

June 9th- Ancho Chile Pepper

June 9th- Sunflowers

June 9th- Pumpkin

June 9th- 3 new Pumpkin Blossoms (green fuzzies, center)

June 9th- Marigolds

June 9th- Marigolds

June 9th- Primrose Apples

June 9th- Bartlett Pear (I thought these were Bosc, tag on the tree states otherwise)

June 9th- Blueberries

June 9th- Fig tree & 2 Hazelnut trees

June 9th- Potted Herbs, a few just transplanted from the seedling trays

June 9th- The day's harvest, Salad with Nasturtiums, Giant Red Mustard,
Champion Radishes, Collards

Happy Gardening!  Check back next Tuesday for another Garden Update.
Tomorrow: Kale Chips


  1. Wow. Amazing pictures! Our zucchini are still just tiny seedlings.

    1. Thanks, Ali. Being anxious to start the garden, I probably started some of the veggies a little early (others very late), however I'm happy I did. We've had some really beautiful weather for several weeks now so I'm sure that's helped with kick-starting production.
      I'll hop over to your blog for a visit.