Monday, June 16, 2014

Wine, Jelly & Syrup

Elderberry Bushes- June 16th

One of my missions lately has been to find a couple (or more) Elderberry bushes.  While at the Mother Earth News Fair a couple of weeks ago, there was a vendor selling elderberry bushes, jelly & syrup.  I really wanted to buy 2 or 3 bushes, but bought jelly instead.  Once we headed home that day, Sunday, the last day of the fair, I really regretted not buying a bush or 2 or 3.  Until this past Saturday.......

Saturday, June 14th was my birthday and I wanted to spend the day downtown stopping at the farmers market and doing a little thrifting and vintage shopping at some of the local shops.  My husband, son, daughter and I headed down to the waterfront, found a parking spot, hopped out of the truck and walked over to the market.  For some reason, straight away, I was drawn to a vendor with plants set about on tables & the ground.  My eyes focused on 2 bushes sitting on the ground that I was sure were blueberry bushes, but wanted to take a look anyway.  As I walked over and looked down at the tags, I was surprised.  They were elderberry bushes!  And 2 different kinds at that.  From what I've read about elderberry bushes, you need 2 to fertilize each other and 2 different types are preferred.  Jackpot!  With there only being 2 there, I bought them both and my husband and son carried them back to the truck.

Now there was no need to regret not buying them from the vendor at the Mother Earth Fair, for a couple of reasons.  The vendor at the fair wasn't local, he was from Missouri and his price tags were a little higher.  I was able to purchase these from a local grower, for a little bit less and he gave me some jelly recipe tips.
Just need to decide where I want to plant them now!  Happy Birthday to me!  :-) 

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