Thursday, June 5, 2014

The First Harvest

Initially, I'd planned to post this tomorrow, but I just couldn't wait.  I have another garden update lined up for tomorrow, however.  Stay tuned........


The first harvest from our new garden!  (May 27th)  It was a small amount, but delicious nonetheless.  The arugula topped a traditional pizza during the last few minutes of baking. (photo towards bottom of post)

A mix of Kale~ Red Russian, Dwarf Siberian Curled & Dwarf Curled Vates

With having 3 different types of kale, I was able to pick a bowl full.  It cooks down a lot so it doesn't go very far when feeding 4 people.  It was just enough to add to a pan of caramelized onions and top a pizza.
(photo at end of post along with a link to the recipe)

Georgia/Southern Collards 

There weren't a lot of large collard leaves yet, however I still cut some of the biggest ones to add to the mustard greens pictured below.  I heated them in a pan with some onions and then topped some brown rice & bean soup with them.

Giant Red Mustard

Traditional pizza topped with arugula in the last few minutes of baking

The traditional pizza is just that...regular pizza sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, red onion, green bell peppers, & mushrooms, a little parm & a sprinkling of black pepper & crushed red pepper flakes. 

My favorite pizza!  Caramelized onion & kale pizza 

This has been my favorite pizza since last Fall when I found the recipe in an issue of Mother Earth Living magazine.  I pretty much follow their recipe with the exception of using parm instead of cheddar.  I also sprinkle just a little red pepper flakes and will sometimes add mushroom slices.

For the pizza crust, I use the Fleischmann's Pizza Crust Yeast packets and follow the recipe on the back of the packet, using whole wheat flour instead of white flour.  The packets come in a strip of 3 for $1 or so.  Use 1 pack/recipe per pizza.  I suppose for a really thin crust, you may be able to cut the dough in half and make 2 pizzas, but I haven't tried that.

Caramelized Onion & Kale Pizza Recipe Link

Hope you enjoyed seeing the first harvest!


  1. I really enjoyed your blog! Your garden and fruit trees are beautiful! The recipes are great; all looks delicous! Thanks for sharing. I look forward to following your gardening adventures.

    1. Thank you! It's been fun. A lot of hard work, but fun! :-)