Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Garden Update for August 18th

Yes, you read that date correctly...I'm a week late posting this garden update.  I took the photos last week & harvest photos prior to that and would like to share them even if they are a bit overdue.  I'm hoping to get this week's garden update posted tomorrow.  I've been busy making jams & syrups and canning green beans and putting zucchini in the freezer.  I'll make it quick and just post photos with captions...Enjoy

August 18th- Garden Overview....Notice the green grass?
Still not much rain, but using the sprinkler to water the garden is helping the yard. 

August 18th- The melon vines are really starting to spread

August 18th- Hot Pepper (can't remember at this point what it is)

August 18th- Lima Bean Blossoms

August 18th- Brussels Sprout Plants

August 18th- Little baby Brussels sprouts beginning to form

August 18th- The deformed Cinderella pumpkin...It was wedged & trying to grow between a sunflower stalk & the garden bed edge.

August 18th- Another Cinderella Pumpkin

August 18th- Sunflowers are still blooming

August 18th- Another Sunflower

August 18th- Catmint has filled out nicely.
I think I'll be drying the leaves and adding them to some handmade toys for the kittens

August 18th- Catmint blossoms

August 18th- Some of the potted herbs...They've grown quite a bit since I posted about them

August 18th- Thyme growing under the bench.  It's really grown a lot since I planted it.

August 18th- You can see when I planted the thyme seedlings in the flowerbed makeover {here}

August 18th- Pear branch weighed down and resting on the ground

~Harvests Since The Last Update~

August 12th- The first tomatoes

August 13th- More tomatoes

August 15th- The first bell peppers

August 17th- The first red cabbage

August 18th- Plums, Elderberries & Blackberries

August 18th- Our first pear harvest

August 18th- Pears

That's the overdue garden update.  Check back tomorrow for this week's update.  I should also be posting about blackberries & blueberries this week as well.  Happy Gardening & Harvesting!

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