Friday, July 25, 2014

Flowerbed Makeover Part Two

Here's a little tour of the flower bed with the wooden bench, dogwood tree, cherry tree & daisies.  Earlier in the Spring, I had spent several days cleaning out this bed and we planted the cherry tree at that time.  The tree has been surrounded by 5 foot fencing to protect it from deer.  Eventually the fencing will be removed. I've managed to keep this bed weed free and planted a few small perennials and annuals I had grown from seed.  The rabbits ate a few of them so I decided I'd just purchase some larger perennials in hopes the rabbits wouldn't bother them.  The bed is a little more than 40 feet long and about 4 feet or so wide.  I bought 11 perennials and 2 annuals to scatter throughout the bed, in addition to the wild thyme and other seedlings I had already planted.

Before the new plantings

Before the new plantings

After the new plantings & mulch

Even the gnomes received a makeover.  They were sprayed with a clear UV protective coating.
They had faded in the sun, but the coating brought out their colors & will protect them from 
further fading.  Two African Daisies (annuals) were planted here.

Freesia & Rising Sun Coreopsis (both perennials) planted near a small rhododendron

Originally I wanted natural stones to set the bench on, however our 
local store did not have what I was looking for so I opted for these cement stones. 

I grew "Wild Thyme" (a creeping variety) from seed and planted the tiny little plants between 
the stones.  I hope they'll fill the spaces in nicely

Freesias & Rudbeckia - Perennials

Gailardia & Coreopsis - Perennials

Blazing Sun Blanket Flower - Gailardia

 Red Head Blanket Flower - Gailardia

Eternal Flame Blanket Flower- Gailardia


Toto Gloriosa Daisy - Rudbeckia

I believe this is a Rudbeckia, but don't have the tag for it

Little Goldstar Rudbeckia


Rising Sun Coreopsis 

This bed looks so much better now....ignore the brown grass.  It had been very hot and dry.
I'm hoping these new plantings will fill out and multiply like the daisies have.

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  1. Well, I love daisies and benches to admire them from so you've won my vote of approval, LOL. Well done. A lot of work and it's worth it.