Friday, August 29, 2014

Delicious Blueberries

Last Friday my daughter and I visited the blueberry patch at our local produce market, Colello's.  We spent a little while picking berries appreciating how much easier and a lot less painful picking blueberries is compared to picking blackberries.

Once we had picked all of the ripe berries from one row of bushes, we decided it was time to head indoors and finish our shopping.  We ended up with 6.75 pounds of berries.  I wasn't sure how many pounds I needed for the recipes I had planned.  All I knew is that I needed about 18 cups.

My berry picking partner in the berry patch

Lots of berries to ripen soon

Concentrating on those berries

So many berries.  Makes me want to go back and pick more

Our basket full of blueberries

The goodies we made with the fresh-picked blueberries

It turns out we picked just enough blueberries for the syrup & jam I had planned.  As I mentioned above, I needed 18 cups of berries.  We picked about 19 cups.  So close!
I was able to make 8 half pints of Blueberry & Lemon Syrup and 8 half pints of Spiced Blueberry Jam.

I would actually like stop by again to pick more berries before the season is over.  I found a blueberry conserve recipe that sounds delish and would also like to make some yummy desserts with fresh-picked blueberries.

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