Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Garden Update for July 28th & August 4th

It's been 2 weeks since I've had a chance to update with garden pictures.  I've taken several harvest photos since the last update and took a photo of the garden last week and again today.  I took several other photos of what's growing in the garden today as well.  Enjoy~

July 28th- Garden Overview 

August 4th- Garden Overview 

August 4th- Sunflower

August 4th- Melons, they've grown quite a bit in the last 2 weeks.  There are lots of blossoms as well. 

August 4th- Roma Tomatoes 

 August 4th- More Roma Tomatoes (time to be sure I have plenty of canning jars)

August 4th- Peppers 

August 4th- Paprika Peppers, I'm planning to try making my own paprika 

 August 4th- Bell Pepper, won't be long and it'll be ready to pick

August 4th- These bean plants have really gone crazy.  
There are quite a few beans growing and some are ready to pick. 

 August 4th- Peas, I never did pull out the peas after the rabbits attacked.
These are some that recovered and have pods on them ready for picking.

August 4th- Red Cabbage, this will be the first red cabbage to pick 

August 4th- Cinderella Pumpkin, we finally have one that hasn't been eaten up by bugs and critters. 

 August 4th- Bottle Gourds, they're growing quite a bit too.  This is the largest one.

August 4th- Primrose Apples, the tree is covered.  
Hope we get to harvest them before the deer get them. 

August 4th- Bartlett Pears, this tree is doing very well.  Some of these pears may be ready soon.

July 25th- Harvest~ Kale (basket), Collards, Zucchini, Squash, Cabbage, Cucumbers, & Broccoli

July 27th- My little bean picker 

July 27th- She's still picking 

July 27th- Romano Italian Beans, our first bean harvest 

July 27th- Landreth Stringless Beans, our first bean harvest

July 27th- That's me...picking squash, zucchini & cucumbers 

July 27th- squash, zucchini & cucumbers

July 30th- Harvest of Kale, zucchini, squash, collards, beans, broccoli, 
cucumbers & strawberry spinach

August 4th- Acorn Squash, I accidentally broke this off the vine trying to take a picture of it.  
I hope it's ready.  It seems large enough and the skin is tough.  I think we'll wait to cook it since there's another that looks close to being ready for harvest.

There have been a few other small harvests of zucchini, cucumbers & beans that didn't get photographed over the last couple of weeks.  I've been busy in the kitchen preserving some of these goodies and have been taking pictures along the way.  I'll be sharing more of all that this week.  Hope there are lots of good things growing in your gardens.  And to those of you who haven't started a garden yet, it's not too late.  Start with a few herbs and lettuces.  It's very rewarding!

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