Monday, July 28, 2014

Potted Herb Garden


I love having my little potted herb garden on the deck, just outside the kitchen door.  I have a 4 foot raised bed in the garden for herbs as well, but prefer these on the deck.  The bunnies have been into the garden bed herbs and these pots are safe from the critters.  It's quick & easy to come out and pick a few herbs when cooking.
Those of you who have little space to work with or aren't ready to plant a veggie garden, a little herb garden is a perfect way to start.  It's easy and the fresh herbs will add so much flavor to your dishes.  Having your own fresh supply of herbs is much, much less expensive than picking up the little fresh packets at the grocery store.  You'll have more variety growing your own as well.
Once we near the end of the growing season, I'll be drying some of these herbs for using later.  I also have plans to overwinter as many of these as I can.

Here's a little tour of my potted herb garden~

Potted Culinary Herbs


Italian Oregano


Genovese Basil

Forest Green Parsley 

Italian Parsley


Dark Opal Basil


Horehound & Stevia

White Horehound - Growing info {here}
I plan to make soothing throat drops with the horehound leaves....Info on that in the link above

Stevia - Growing Info {here}
I'll be using the leaves as a sweetener in tea and will try it in coffee as well.
Eventually, I'll experiment using it in baking.

Mint Family Herbs

Lemon Balm - Great for tea, more uses for Lemon Balm {here}

Lemon Bee Balm - Great for making tea

Catmint - Grandview


That's my little herb garden.  In the herb garden bed, I have Dill, German Chamomile, Cilantro, Chives & Onions.  There is plenty of room for more, but I think I'll be using that bed for something else next year and I'll just keep all of my culinary herbs in pots.
Oh and I can't forget to mention the bay tree that I bought at the farmer's market a few weeks ago.  That is also potted up on the deck for easy use of the leaves.  

Check back tomorrow for this week's garden update and harvest photos.

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