Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Kitten Update & A Little About Our Dogs

Today's garden update will be a day late since I didn't get a chance to take photos yesterday.  Instead, I bring you these adorable fur kids.....

 7-28 Onyx (red) & Nox (blue)
They're coming up on 9 weeks old now....we think anyways

This is what happens when they have their bellies full.

 7-28 Onyx

They're both eating very well and have little bellies that protrude after every meal.

7-28 Onyx

They're both still taking the virus-fighting supplement since they're still sneezing.

 7-28 Nox

Nox is almost finished with his antibiotic...just a few more doses.

7-28 Nox

We decided to put break-away collars on the kittens to tell them apart.  It was easy in the beginning to tell who was who since Nox was just a skinny, fuzzy skeleton.  Now that Nox is eating so well and gaining weight it's getting more difficult to tell them apart.  Onyx's coat is shinier and smoother than Nox's.  Nox has hair that sticks up a bit and was really dull to begin with, but it's getting shinier and laying flatter now so it's been getting difficult to tell them apart quickly. We're hoping that as they age, there will be a noticeable difference in their tabby stripes which are very dark brown. 

I haven't introduced the dogs on the blog yet so here is a quick introduction to them.  They are all 3 just "house dogs".  They do play in the yard and get walked for exercise, but aren't left outside alone since they like to eat every bit of grass, dirt, mulch, moss, rabbit poo, etc that they possibly can.

 7-28 Koa & Charlie (Charlie is smiling because he's annoying Koa)

Koa is a Sheltie, almost 5 years old.  We got him as a little 9 week old puppy from a breeder while living in Hawaii.  He's a typical sheltie- loyal to us, but has some strange quirks.  He's scared of silly things like cardboard boxes and suitcases and anything that's "different".  

7-28 Koa & Charlie

Charlie is a long-haired miniature dachshund, 8 months old.  We got Charlie from a breeder last January at about 9 weeks old.  He's very active and is either "on" or "off".  There is no "in between" with him.  It was difficult just taking a picture of him as he was biting Koa and rolling around, trying to get him to play.  He's a cute little dog and very smart, but a little stubborn. 

 7-28 Koa & Charlie

And then we have Phillip, the Italian Greyhound, almost 10 years old.  We got him as a puppy while living in Connecticut.  He moved with us to Maryland & back to Connecticut & then to Hawaii & of course here.  He also went on a road trip with us from Connecticut to Florida & back.  You'd think that with all that traveling around, he'd be a social butterfly, but he doesn't like strangers- at all.  He knows who he likes and has a difficult time accepting anyone new.  He'd rather just sit on his bed or lay in the sun and not be bothered by anyone....including Charlie......
He didn't want his photo taken with Koa & Charlie.  He waited for them to leave his bed so he could reclaim it.  This is pretty much where he stays while indoors.  He does however, show interest in the kittens and tries to play with them.  Actually, everything Phillip knows about being a dog, he learned from a Siamese cat.  ;-)

7-28 Phillip

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