Monday, September 1, 2014

Canning More Green Beans

The green beans have been producing quite well.  I only planted about 6 plants of each type since I wasn't sure how well they'd do.  Pretty much everything this year was a "test" planting since it's our first garden here.

After a few more small harvests, I had enough green beans to process for pantry storage.  I had 5.5 pounds of Blue Lake Stringless and 4.1 pounds of Romano Italian.

The Blue Lake made 12 pints and the Italian Romano made 7 pints.  Including the 11 pints I processed earlier in August, I now have 30 pints of green beans in the pantry.

I think that'll get us pretty far into the Winter, but I'll most likely be processing more since the plants are still producing.  Although I may freeze some to save time in the kitchen.

I've had to reorganize the pantry a couple times and will probably have to reorganize after each new vegetable added.  Thankfully it's a fairly large pantry, not a walk-in, but still a decent size.

This time around with the pressure canner, things went a lot more smoothly.  There was hardly any liquid lost during processing and I was able to streamline the process a little and multi-task.  So much more productive than the first time around.

*Just a reminder:  If you are planning to process green beans or other low acid foods, a pressure canner is a must.  You can not safely process low acid foods in a waterbath canner as the canner will not reach the high temperatures needed to kill all of the bacteria.

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