Monday, July 14, 2014

Daisies in Bloom

The daisies are in full bloom now.  They are tall and beautiful and so far, loving the heat we've been having. Most days this past week reached into the upper 80's and a few even went as high as the low 90's.  It's been hot!  The grass in the yard is dry and crispy brown, but the daisies are just as bright and lively as can be.

These daisies were planted by the previous owners and have grown, multiplied and filled in nicely.  I'm happy to have them and enjoy seeing them outside my dining room windows.  At this moment, they are about the only flowers blooming in my yard.

These daisies (I don't know the exact variety, maybe Shasta?) are much larger than the weedy daisies I shared a few weeks ago.  The wild ones are now fading and look scraggly.  I'll be puling them and sprucing up some neglected areas of the yard for the next few months.

The bed below is getting a makeover today.  I bought several perennials yesterday to help fill in some bare spots.  I'd like to pick up a few more today and cover the ground with mulch once the planting is finished.  I grew a few perennials & annuals from seed and planted them out here, but the rabbits ate a few of them and the others are still too small to bloom & enjoy.  I'm getting impatient so I decided to buy a few larger plants to fill the empty spots and have a little instant gratification.

So bright and cheerful!

I'm loving this thrift/vintage find from last summer.  It's one of the first purchases I made when we first arrived in Washington from Hawaii.  I don't have any idea if it's an old piece or not, but I love the shade of aqua blue.   I paid only $7 for it and have definitely received my moneys worth using it to display flowers.

The vintage milk bottles and basket pictured below are a new addition to my floral display collection.  I saw them several weeks ago at my favorite local thrift shop and had difficulty walking away and not purchasing them.  I visited the shop 2 more times and still fought the urge to buy them.  On the fourth recent visit, after being frustrated that what I had intended to buy had been bought by someone else, I decided I wasn't walking out the door without them.  The only reason I'd passed them up on the last 3 visits was that I was holding out for a sale.  They weren't on sale, but I really liked them and knew I'd display flowers in the bottles sitting on my kitchen table.  It's a simple, yet pretty display.

What's blooming in your gardens?  More than just daisies?

Veggie garden update tomorrow.....

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