Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Garden Update for June 30th

June 30th- Garden Overview

 June 30th- Spaghetti Squash

 June 30th- Spaghetti Squash

June 30th- Spaghetti Squash ~We'll be eating lots of spaghetti squash if we get to harvest them all!

June 30th- Acorn Squash

June 30th- Yellow Squash ~This one is almost big enough to harvest.  Since there's only 2 at the moment, and the other one is a little smaller, I'm waiting.....impatiently, to harvest them.

 June 30th- Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce ~most was cut after this picture, but still need to cut more 

 June 30th- Beans

June 30th- Darn rabbits got all of the pea plants before I could manage to block them off

 June 30th- Kale ~lots of kale to cut!

June 30th- Kale ~I may need to get creative with some kale recipes!

 June 30th- One of 3 Brussels Sprout plants

 June 30th- Pole Bean Bed

June 30th- Christmas Pole Lima Beans

 June 30th- An heirloom variety of red head lettuce

 June 30th- An heirloom variety of green head lettuce

June 30th- An heirloom variety of romaine lettuce

 June 30th- Tomato blossoms ~still no fruit, just flowers

June 30th- Cauliflower Bed

 June 30th- Sunflowers

 June 30th- Sunflower, Red Sun

 June 30th- Sunflower, Mammoth Russian

June 30th- Sunflower, Autumn Beauty

That's what's happening in the garden this week!  More to come in the next several days.....this week's harvest, strawberry jam, strawberry muffins & bread.

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