Monday, April 27, 2015

Happy 8 Weeks Old, Buster!

***I'm a few days late posting this.  I began this post last week and was unable to finish & post it on Friday morning.  Just imagine you are reading this last Friday!!***

Four weeks ago tomorrow we brought home this adorable, furry little Flemish Giant bunny. He was 4 weeks old at the time and is now celebrating being 8 weeks old.

4 weeks old....he loves fresh kale from the garden

For the time being he's a house bunny.  He has a cage in our dining room where he spends most of his time since the cats & dogs show too much interest in him.

4 weeks old.....delicious kale!

He gets to go outside on the deck in an exercise pen to get fresh air, enjoy the sunshine and stretch his legs.

4 weeks old.....Buster loves cuddling with Madelyn

Buster likes to hop into Madelyn's lap to relax.  He loves attention & petting.

5 weeks old....Easter morning......Onyx & Nox are never too far away

The cats are always watching, stalking.  I'm not sure if they'd deliberately try to hurt him, and I haven't given them the opportunity to try. 

5 weeks old......Nox says, "Mmmm yummy bunny"

Just before I snapped these pictures above, both Onyx & Nox were in the chair watching.

6 weeks old

Wow, he's 6 weeks!  He loves eating his timothy pellets & hay and any salad greens, spinach, kale, etc.

6 weeks old.....he's getting bigger

Last week Buster wasn't feeling well.  He stopped eating & seemed constipated.  He quickly lost weight, completely lost his appetite.

7 weeks old.....enjoying the sun, but feeling under the weather

Friday morning he had diarrhea & still wasn't eating.  I took him to the vet Friday afternoon.  The doctor checked for parasites & bacteria, but both were inconclusive.  It was possible he could have a virus and the treatment for both bacterial & viral infections would be the same.  After a fluid injection for dehydration, we were sent home with Critical Care food (a powder to be mixed with water to form a paste to be syringe fed), pain meds (he was grinding his teeth, a sign of pain), a pro-biotic paste, & an antibiotic.

7 weeks old

He took his meds like a champ and began feeling better within a couple of days.  His appetite returned and he began eating his usual diet of pellets, hay & salad greens.  We also discovered that he loves celery!  It has been a big help in getting him to take his antibiotic.  I place the syringe in the celery and hold the celery tight so that he is only able to take bites of it.  As he's biting on the celery, I slowly push the antibiotic into his mouth.  It only takes a couple seconds and he has no idea he's taking medicine.

8 weeks old

Now that his appetite has returned and he's putting weight back on, I imagine he'll be growing quickly into that giant size bunny he should be.

8 weeks old

He wasn't feeling very photogenic for his 8 week photos.  He's too busy enjoying the sun.

8 weeks old

He would rather just take a nap.....

8 weeks old

....Or eat kale.....his favorite treat from the garden.

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