Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Baby Chicks~ The 3rd Week

As the baby chicks start their 3rd week of life.......
These photos were taken on Monday, April 27th, exactly two weeks after being with us.
The past week, the chicks' wing feathers have continued to grow.  Some have quite a bit more wing length than others, but they're all growing steadily.

This blonde Blue Andalusian is growing nice wing feathers and even her tail feathers are growing longer.  The other Blue Andalusian is at the far end and is growing nice long wing feathers as well.

This Phoenix chick's back feathers are filling in

Starting to see more of the black & white barred pattern on the Dominique chicks

Not only are the chicks' feathers filling in, they're also growing taller.

From left to right: Dominique, Blue Andalusian, Phoenix

Golden Laced Wyandotte

Center: Golden Campine

Center front: Egyptian Fayoumis

Now that they all have developed more wing feathers, they like to flap their way around the brooder. The other day, one of them flapped her way up to the top of the brooder and perched on the edge.  If I have the cover off of the brooder, I can't turn my back now.

Each day the chicks look less like the little fuzzy babies they were when they arrived 2 weeks ago and more like miniature chickens.    I can't wait to see the changes they make during this next week.


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