Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Garden Update for September 2nd

It's September already?!
Here's a quick garden update.  I've been busy in the kitchen, but found a little bit of time on Monday to clean up a few areas of the garden.  Still have more sprucing up to do in some garden beds and will hopefully find a few minutes here and there to get the work done.

September 2nd

Sept 2nd- Melons are growing!

Sept 2nd- Hopefully it'll stay warm long enough to ripen these

Sept 2nd- Spaghetti Squash...The one on the right is HUGE!

Sept 2nd- Lots of yellow squash still growing...I've trimmed a lot of the leaves 
from the plants since we're starting to have a problem with powdery mildew

Sept 2nd- Tomatoes...Still waiting for the majority to ripen.  
I hope these cool nights (low 50's, upper 40's) don't affect them too much.  
Maybe I should put plastic over them?

Sept 2nd- Tomatoes....I trimmed up the bottom branches/leaves again

Sept 2nd- The pepper bed...I cut back a marigold that was beginning to overtake this end of the bed.

Sept 2nd- The other end of the pepper bed.  This poor little pepper plants was nearly smothered
by a marigold.  I doubt it will recover and produce any peppers.

Sept 2nd- Surprise, Surprise!  We DO have eggplants!  
They were completely covered by a marigold!  

Sept 2nd- The cabbage, cauliflower & broccoli bed was cleaned up

Sept 2nd- This cabbage bed still needs cleaning up & these 2 cabbages are almost ready to cut.

Sept 2nd- Celery...There are 3 plants here.  A 4th was just harvested on Monday.
That's a Brussels Sprout plant to the right

Sept 2nd- Baby Brussels Sprouts are growing a little more each day

Sept 2nd- The bean bed.  Spinach and lettuce was cleaned up from this bed

Sept 2nd-  The bean & pea bed....Endive was cleaned out of this bed

Sept 2nd- The apples...almost ripe....hope we get them before the deer do!

Sept 2nd- The gourd tepee

Sept 2nd- There a several nice sized gourds

~Harvests since the last update~
Besides a few small squash & tomato harvests, this is what came from the garden.

August 31st-  You can tell by the size of the zucchini that I was distracted by all the happenings in the kitchen and didn't check the garden as often as I should have.

Sept 1st-  Look at those parsnips!  I see soup in the near future.

That's this week's update.  I'm headed back to the kitchen!

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