Tuesday, March 31, 2015

There's a Chicken Coop in Our Future

I have 25 day-old chicks on order from a hatchery.  They'll be delivered sometime during the 2nd week of April (That's only 2 weeks away...Yikes!).  While they'll be living in brooders in the garage for several weeks, I still feel behind schedule on the coop construction.
We've decided to use the frame of the "greenhouse" (or should we say "outdoor room-size oven"?) as the coop framing.  We'll be removing everything from the greenhouse, inside & out.

The greenhouse frame will be moved to a new base to be built in the back corner of this area.
I took this photo last Friday afternoon and by the evening, the swing set was completely disassembled and on Sunday, the brush pile was removed, so there is progress being made.

The pigeon coop will be moved into this area as well.  It'll be modified into the rabbit hutch for Buster and will also become part of the fencing for the chicken yard.  This area is about 24 x 30, will contain the 8 x 10 chicken coop and 4 x 8 rabbit hutch.  The perimeter will be completely fenced in & topped with wire for the chicken yard.  I'm planning to free-range the chickens as much as possible, at least for a little while in the evenings before roosting time, otherwise they'll be in their own yard.
I'll be posting updates as we work on the coop & chicken yard project so stay tuned.

And these timbers......They were tossed down in this low area by the previous owners.  There seems to be at least 8 of them, not all the same size, but looks like most are 4x6, maybe.  They are perfectly aged and I can't wait to use them somewhere.  I'm thinking maybe for flowerbed edging or possibly incorporate them around the chicken yard to help deter digging critters.
Stay tuned, hoping to have another update in about a week.

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