Sunday, March 15, 2015

Laundry Room Organization & Decor

Our main project this past January was to get the laundry room organized.  We had already painted when we moved in a year and a half ago, so that chore was out of the way.  The walls and ceiling are green, the ceiling darker than the walls.
Valspar colors: Grassland - ceiling,  Willow Wind - walls,  Du Jour - shelves

The laundry room is fairly small (5' 8" x 5' 6" ) so once the washer & dryer are in place, the only way to go for organizing is up the wall behind them.

We opted for open shelving rather than cabinets.  I wanted a little wall space for decorating and wooden crates look nice and are functional for storing items out of view.

The shelves are 15 inches deep and allow plenty of space for the wooden crates (from Michael's craft stores), books, an old bird cage and a few other decor items.

The water hyacinth baskets & the tall narrow Elfa organizer (in photo above this photo) are from The Container Store.  The baskets store a few frequently used small items and the organizer drawers hold larger items.

I've been collecting bird themed items for a few years, hoping someday I'd have a green & yellow bird laundry room.  One of my sisters found these bird prints at a local thrift store.
They are 12x12 prints on canvas.

Besides the shelves, crates, baskets, fabric for valance, curtain rod & the Elfa organizer, I didn't really spend any money on this project.
My grandmother made the yoyo doilies years ago.  The large yellow bird is a coin bank from Target (bought a few years ago on clearance).  The vintage "Wash Day" sign is a reproduction found in a local thrift shop (on clearance).  The old "Magic White" bleach bottle was found in another local thrift shop.  I've had the bird cage forever as well as the old clothes pins in the jars and the candle sticks.

The bird print valance I made for the window.  Vintage Ball jars hold pocket change.  An old brown bottle from a thrift store and a miniature garden topiary/trellis.

Lowe's didn't have the bird curtain rod in cream any longer so I bought the rubbed bronze one and spray painted it.

I dry brushed the crates with extra paint from the shelves.

So simple and it didn't take very long!

This is an old twin size headboard turned sideways with the legs cut off.  I thought it was interesting and was a steal at $2.50 at a local thrift store....and I didn't even need to paint it!  I'm looking for small prints or small birds to hang in the "empty" side.

These little bird drawer pulls (bought on Etsy a few years ago, but I believe I've seen some recently) will be mounted to a board that will run along the underside of the top shelf against the wall.  I'll post a photo when we finally get that finished.  Hoping that'll be completed in the next couple of weeks!

And of course.....I had to include a photo of our supervisors.  They are never far when there's a project happening.

Hope you enjoyed that little tour of the laundry room decor/ organizing project!

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