Monday, March 30, 2015

Meet Buster the Flemish Giant

Buster the Flemish Giant 4.5 weeks old

This past Saturday, we took a little field trip out to a farm in another small town to pick up our new furry family member.  He's a 4 week old Flemish Giant rabbit.  He's the cutest, softest little guy we've seen in a while.

Although he's small now, he'll grow to be 15-20 pounds as an adult.  Flemish Giants have a gentle, sweet disposition and make great family pets.

For now he's a house bunny with a decent sized cage and is able to come out to play when the cats are preoccupied with napping.  The cats, as well as Charlie (the mini dachshund), are very curious of him and would like to snack on him.  Phillip & Koa don't seem to care much either way about him. For Buster's safety, he'll eventually live outside near the pigeon & chickens and will be out of harms way from the cats & Charlie.

While Buster will be kept as a pet, we are thinking of adding other breeds to raise for meat rabbits, possibly next year.  They'll have a separate rabbitry when we do take the plunge into that.

I'll post more pictures as Buster grows into a handsome giant.

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