Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Simple Fall Decor

A table in the entryway 

Over the past several years I've been trying to use more natural decor items over imported & plastic items.  I still buy things occasionally that have been imported, but I try to pick items that are made of natural materials when I do.  Here are a few areas of my home that I've decorated for Fall.

Gourds, mini pumpkins & corn bought at the local market, 
as well as pine cones saved & used for a few years 

The living room...a mix of natural, vintage & store-bought items

An apothecary jar filled with feathers from my parent's guineas, wild turkey feathers on the wreath, grapevine pumpkins, cast iron crows, votive candles(battery operated for safety) in vintage tart tins,
vintage glass insulators (large brown one & mini white ones), 
real mini pumpkins & corn in the basket, poppy seed pods 

The oak branch is artificial, it's being held upright by river rocks in a vase
I found the pheasant in a thrift/vintage shop, not sure if it's vintage, but he's cute & simple
I always have baskets & buckets of pine cones sitting around

The dining room buffet... 
I bought the twig runner a couple of years ago.  The buffet is being protected with a length of muslin
A grapevine arch is a backdrop for the Fall village pieces
All of the pumpkins are candles that I use for decor and have never lit them

Champagne & wine glasses filled with acorn "vase filler"
The acorns are artificial, but the tops are real
Only the front glasses are filled so that we can still use the glasses in the back

A large pumpkin candle sits on a wreath as the dining table centerpiece
A real pumpkin could also be used

The little child's desk in the family room...The gourds in the wagon are real, however the pumpkins are plastic.  I've had the pumpkins for about 15 years and am thinking about giving them a little makeover.  I want to pull their stems out and replace them with cinnamon sticks.  I have 5 of these little pumpkins and even though they are plastic, they are cute and realistic enough to keep around. 

The little desk, found at a local vintage/ thrift shop
My daughter and I made the owl bag from a kit a couple of years ago.

I hope you enjoyed the little glimpse into some of my simple Fall decor.  I'll be adding some turkey items soon as well and will share more photos. 

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