Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Garden Update for October 20th

October 20th- A little at a time the garden is being cleared out

October 20th- All of the winter squash have been harvested except for 13 acorn squash.
I cleaned the beds up a little and will clean them out completely once the acorns have been cut.

October 20th- The kale is still growing strong, as well as the brussels sprouts behind.  One bean tepee has been cleaned off and removed, 3 more to go. 

October 20th- Onion & herb bed was tidied up, melon vines were trimmed (trellis), tomato bed is empty, peppers are still growing 

October 19th- The harvest for today- broccoli, peppers, the last of the green beans, melons, Christmas pole lima beans, the last of the carrots and some collard greens

October 19th- The mystery plant we have growing beside the garage turned out to be a pumpkin.  It's still growing and turning a deeper orange every day. 

October 19th- spaghetti squash, acorn squash, butternut squash (only 3 the whole season?)
and our 3 little Cinderella pumpkins

We're into the rainy Fall weather here so clean up has been slow.  I still have lots of apples & pears to do something with.  Need to get busy with those.

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