Thursday, October 30, 2014

Garden Update for October 29th

October 29th Garden Overview

Here is the last garden update for October.  Really?  October is almost over?  It seems like it just began!

Yesterday the sun finally came out and I went outside for a couple of hours to work in the garden.  I cut the remaining acorn squash and pulled out the vines and cleaned out their beds (front left).  I cleaned up the melon bed as well (trellis on right) and pulled out the bell pepper plants.  I cleaned up some marigolds in the broccoli bed as well as some old broccoli leaves and cleaned off another bean tepee.  Still more cleaning to do that I hope to have time for (& a dry day) this weekend.

October 29th- Brussels Sprouts

October 29th- Brussels Sprouts

October 29th- Habanero 

October 29th- Harvest
kale, eggplant, variety of peppers, acorn squash & celery

Check back next week for another garden update.  As long as there's something happening in the garden (& I'm able to take photos), I'll keep posting weekly or bi-weekly updates.  :-)

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