Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Chicken Coop Progress #5

When dreaming of having chickens, I knew I wanted to decorate the interior of their coop.  It's not exactly practical since chickens aren't the cleanliest of creatures and they really don't have an opinion on the decor, but I wanted the inside to be as cute as the outside.

The chicken feed bags had these cute farm images on them so I decided to cut them out and frame them.  I bought inexpensive frames and spray painted them black.  For just a few dollars, I have 3 framed pictures.

Vintage looking tin signs add charm  to the nesting box area.  And speaking of the nesting boxes, they were just installed before these photos were taken.  The girls were about 4 months old at the time and almost ready to start laying.  I placed ceramic eggs in a few of the boxes to give them a little hint.

The feed bins are stored inside the coop for convenience. 

Everyone was let back in the coop to see the new decor and nesting boxes.  They weren't quite sure what to think.

And just 3 weeks later, we had collected our first dozen eggs.
I thought it was interesting that the brown egg layers were the first to begin to laying~
Dominique & Wyandotte

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  1. Nice, love your chickens!!! As you will see when you collect my eggs, I get green, brown and dark brown eggs. And, thanks again for taking care of my ladies!!